Running a Business: A Little Inspiration, a Lot of Perspiration

Behind the Scenes, Geek out!

A week or two ago, I stumbled on Stephanie St.Claire’s article 11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business. She starts with a short re-cap of how she started her entrepreneur career and then discusses her 11 things, with very personal reflections on the day-to-day details of her one-person business.

Stephanie’s number one item is this:

Running the business is your first priority. In other words, you will spend 15% of the time doing what you love … and 85% of the time marketing, administrating, selling, strategizing your business, and answering a shitload of email. Survival will totally hinge on how quickly you adopt this role of Business Owner first, creator of pretty things, second.” (original emphasis)

My story is not exactly like hers, but there’s overlap, too. I’m still happily married and happily not living in NYC anymore. I knew I wanted a change and why I wanted it. Starting a business was nevertheless an intimidating idea. I also knew that at the start, especially, it would be extremely slow and that I would be surprised by both myself and the world, sometimes in good ways, sometimes bad.

I knew there would be a lot of behind-the-scenes paperwork and administrativia, but the amount still surprised me. I have definitely put my librarian skills to use in planning, considering, reconsidering, researching, tracking, annotating, editing, re-sizing, printing, organizing, reporting, archiving, re-writing, streamlining, publishing, replying and fact-checking. And then doing it all over again while trying to get some sewing done as well.

Today was one such day, with two curveballs coming from far in the left field. Both were amazing in the sense that they continue to amaze me; one in a great, stupendous way, but the other unfortunately not so much.

I will feel no guilt calling it a day early today and enjoying a special Doctor Who showing with my husband. 🙂

Doctor Who Special Showing