Geeky Color Combos: Channeling Thunder Bluff

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Welcome to the first Geeky Color Combos post! Yes, it’s yet another regular feature filling up the blogosphere. I hope you will like it nevertheless. 🙂

You know those design recommendations that urge you, especially when hesitant, to start with a picture and base your color selections on it? Here are some ideas on how to achieve it with a geeky starting point. I’ll select a photo, a painting, a still, a screencap or the like that is geeky in some way, and use mainstream photos to illustrate how a color combination pulled from that model image might work in real life.

For the inaugural image I chose a screenshot from a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game I play. Thunder Bluff is a city in World of Warcraft (WoW), a MMORPG (role-playing game) by Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Thunder Bluff

Screencap from Thunder Bluff in World of Warcraft.

The culture of Thunder Bluff is loosely modeled on Native Americans. The city sits atop a high, three-tier mesa – how about those views! Red, aqua and white appear everywhere on building exteriors, tent-like roofs and other outdoor elements like totem poles.

Red, aqua and white is a versatile and eye-catching combination. If aqua isn’t a favorite – as it isn’t for me – tweak it towards teal blue or turquoise or even light blue. You can also adjust the shade of red to your liking from cranberry to soft coral red, or drop small amounts of another color into the mix. The combo also works in different situations. For example, when picking wall paint colors:

Mint-colored Kitchen

From the home of Alison and Jeff Allen.

…when considering the overall colors for your space:

Icelandic Cottage

From the cottage of Halla Bára Gestsdóttir and Gunnar Sverrisson.

…when picking furniture and/or accents:

Red Aqua White Decor Collage

Top row: Felt flower wreath by oKIDDo on Etsy. Bottom row: Hammary kilim rug bench and Ikat decorative boxes from Lamps Plus.

…when decorating for an event or holiday:

Owens Inspired Events New Years

Melanie Owens, Inspired Events.

Melanie Owens, Inspired Events.

…when branding your business:

Container Vessel

The Maersk Group.

The Maersk Group. What an incredible presence these ginormous ships have when painted in bright colors!

…and when picking outfits:

Red Aqua White Wearables Collage

Clockwise from top right: My Little Monster hoodie by dkoss2 on Etsy; men’s check shirt with aqua overcheck from Racing Green; colorblock romper dress from Love to be Chic; candied bright nails by Smashley Sparkles; shoes unknown, found via Be a Fun Mum; girl’s outfit by Bella Bliss.

…apparently even by yours truly:

Selfie on Stairs

Totally channeling Thunder Bluff without even realizing it! (Trying to take a self-portrait is really hard for me. This is an attempt on the stairs that got “artistically” blurred. Director’s intent all the way, heh.)

Any additional great uses of red, aqua and white? Do share!