Carved Pumpkins

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Continuing my Thursday post on Halloween and painted pumpkins with a set of inventive Jack-o-lanterns. Scary faces seem to be the ubiquitous choice for lanterns, so I’m always tickled to see other things carved on them.

Brilliant use of the natural features of the pumpkin:

Wrinkly Pumpkin

Photo: Evil Erin.

One of the lanterns at The Great Jack-o-lantern Blaze in New York in 2010:

Checkered jack-o-lantern

Photo: The World Through My Eyes.

An interesting geometric arrangement!

Polka dot lantern:

Polka dot lantern

Photo: Dan Mushrush.

When dots are more to your liking.

Bunny lantern:

Rabbit jack-o-lantern

Photo: Richard Lord.

A special pick for my sisters! 🙂

Elvish script from the Lord of the Rings by Finest Geekery:

Elvish Script Pumpkin

Finest Geekery.

This is a neat take on the glowing lettering on the One Ring!

And the most stunning jack-o-lantern photo I’ve seen in a while by Karen Montgomery:

Kaleidoskope Lantern

Photo: Karen Montgomery.

It looks like a composite, using photos of Jack-o-lanterns, if I had to guess. A very, very neat way of seeing an everyday (holiday) thing from an unexpected angle!