Making Pillow Inserts

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In order to photograph and list my throw pillow covers on Etsy, I needed more pillow inserts than I had. My first plan was to buy them ready-made. After some research, however, I decided to buy half of the pillow inserts I wanted and make the other half myself.

Since I already had stuffing left over from other projects, the inserts were really quick to make: cut a rectangle, fold in half, sew two sides, stuff, sew last side closed. Ta-dah!

Pillow Insert Stuffing

And since my homemade pillow inserts are not made with that unsightly, cheap nonwoven fabric that many commercial inserts use, in a pinch I can use them even without covers as sofa pillows:

Pillow Inserts on Sofa

That’s why I chose neat-looking fabrics: a solid white, a solid light grey and white-on-white paisley print.

Pillow Insert Closeup

Even simple projects like these can be surprisingly satisfying when they fill a need. 🙂

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