Online Finds: Fabric Tassel Tutorial

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In a recent guest blog at decor8, Lisa shows you how to make fabric tassels. I was inspired to try it. Instead of tearing the fabric into strips, though, I used strips I already had in my scrap pile, and supplemented them with a few cut strips.

Here is one of my inspiration images by Lisa Tilse:

Fabric Tassels by Lisa Tilse

Lisa Tilse.

My first two tassels:

Tassels First Try

I chose to do all different colors:

Tassels Closeup

And here’s how I’m using them so far:

Tassel on Door

You can use them any way you like – check out Lisa’s tutorial for her suggestions. Additionally, you might also think of the tassels as a mobile, decorative touches around the house or a bookmark. Thanks for a great tutorial, Lisa!

Note: I wasn’t paid or perked to mention this; just passing along a good thing.