Stripy Toes

Colors, My Spaces, Stunt Double

The weather has turned quite seasonal. It’s not really cold yet, of course, but compared to what it’s been it’s definitely cool. Socks are very much in:

Stripy Toes

Editing this photo produced a nagging feeling that there was something very familiar with it. Uploading it into Flickr told me why:

SG in Progress

D’oh! 🙂 My socks are definitely not the inspiration for the project above. It’s a perfect demonstration of your tastes surfacing in multiple formats, though.

2 thoughts on “Stripy Toes

    1. I found these at Newbury Comics. On the basis of their website, doesn’t look like they carry them anymore, though. Umh… Amazon? Etsy? Macy’s has knee-high rainbow toe socks, apparently, and Forever21 has very cute cat rainbow socks.

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