Back to the Grind, Rainbow Style

Colors, Fabrics & Materials

It was very relaxing to take a few days in complete vacation mode. I confess I did do a few work-related things, but they didn’t feel like work. I suppose that was because I was inspired to “doodle” “just a little” – it doesn’t feel like work when you’re “merely” jotting down “this small detail I just thought of”. (I often find that your brain completely ignores schedules and comes up with creative ideas and inspiration whenever it feels like.) One of the pleasures of a creative job is just that: when the inspiration hits you, you can start processing your ideas AND it doesn’t ruin your vacation!

But now it’s back to work again. I mostly have paperwork-y stuff to do today and tomorrow, which is less fun but quite as necessary as actual crafting. Blogging about crafting should help. 🙂

I like selecting fabrics, even if it often takes me a long time. Here’s a batch for a recent project:

Fabric Selection for SG

And some progress with them:

SG in Progress

I also confess this project has been sitting untouched for a while. Maybe this post will be the kick in the tuckus to help me finish it! 🙂

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