Shopping at an Online Sale

Behind the Scenes, Fabrics & Materials

I happened upon an online fabric sale a few weeks ago. I usually prefer to shop in person, because I like to feel the textures and see the colors live, plus I tend to want my choice right away and not have to wait for it to arrive. I decided to take a risk this time, however, since they had quite a few fabrics I liked with steep discounts. Here is my loot, all 28 lbs (14 kg) of it:

Fabric ShipmentImpressive, isn’t it? I’m also quite pleased with the fabrics, although one that I already had plans for was out of stock. I’ll have to look for a replacement. There were also a few that were a little underwhelming in person, but I’ll be able to use them nevertheless.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought this much at a time. That’s one of the neat things about starting a business: you get so many new experiences. 🙂